Key Highlights of Advanced Certification in Data Science with Python Program

Career Change

I began my career as a BCom and understood that to climb, I needed to upskill. I chose to sign up for the Ntech's Full Stack Development program. After this course, I was not only equipped with new skills in a very sought-after technology but also got a job as a software developer.

- Soham Mayekar

55% Salary Hike

Who Can Apply for Advanced Certification in Data Science with Python





Beginners with No Coding Experience

Career Switchers

Self-taught Developers

Professionals Seeking to Upskill

What Role can a Advanced Certification in Data Science with Python Play?

Data Scientist

Machine Learning Engineer

AI Research Scientist

Data Analyst

Business Analyst

Data Engineer

Research Scientist


Course Curriculum


2 Week

- Introduction
- Get Started & Overview
- Syntax & Range
- Move, Add, Delete Cells
- Undo, Formulas
- Relative, Absolute Ref
- Parentheses, Functions
- Excel Formatting
- Sort, Filter & Tables
- Conditional
- Highlight Cell Rules
- Data Bars
- Color Scales
- Icon Sets
- Charts
- Charts Customization

Google Sheets

1 Week

- Introduction
- Overview, Syntax
- Ranges, Fill
- Move, Add, Delete Cells
- Undo Redo
- Formulas
- Sort, Sort Sheet, Sort By Range, Sort Range
- Conditional Formatting
- Single, Scale Formatting
- Absolute Reference
- Arithmetic Operators
- Parentheses
- Functions
- Location Settings


3 Week

- Introduction
- Gathering, Describing Data
- Conclusions, Prediction
- Populations Samples
- Parameters & Statistics
- Data Types
- Measurement Levels
- Descriptive Statistics
- Frequency Tables
- Histograms
- Bar Graphs, Pie charts
- Box Plots, Average
- Mean, Median, Mode
- Variation, Range
- Interquartile Range
- Standard Deviation


0.5 Week

- Introduction
- Syntax
- Selectors, Events
- Effects
- Hide/Show
- Fade, Slide Animate
- Stop, Call-back


2 Week

- Introduction
- Environment
- Components
- Props
- State
- Event Handling
- Converting HTML to ReactJS
- React Router


1.5 Week

- Introduction
- Get Started
- Grid Basic
- Tables, Images
- Jumbotron
- Alerts, Buttons
- Images, Progress Bar
- Pagination, Panel
- Navbar, Forms & Inputs
- Media Objects
- Carousel
- Modal
- Popover, ScrollSpy


2 Week

- Introduction
- Installation
- First App
- With Bootstrap
- Libraries
- Architecture
- Components
- Directives
- ngIf Directives
- ngStyle Directives
- Databinding
- Event binding
- Forms
- Data Flow
- Reactive Form
- Template Form


2 Week

- Introduction
- Get Started
- Syntax, Comments
- Variables
- Data Types
- Casting, Operators
- List, Tuple, Set, Dictionaries
- Conditions
- Loops
- Functions, Lambda
- Classes/Objects
- Inheritance
- Scope
- Modules
- Dates, Math
- Try ..Except


2 Week

- Introduction
- Download & Install
- Module
- HTTP Module
- File System Module
- URL Module
- File Server
- Events
- Upload Files


1 Week

- Introduction
- Download & Install
- Create Database
- Create Collection
- MongoDB Insert
- MongoDB Find
- MongoDB Query
- MongoDB Sort
- MongoDB Delete
- MongoDB Drop Collection
- MongoDB Update
- MongoDB Limit
- MongoDB Join


2 Week

- Introduction
- Download & Install
- Create Database
- Create Table
- Insert
- Select
- Where
- Order By
- Delete
- Drop Table
- Update
- Limit
- Join

Express JS

1 Week

- Introduction
- Environment
- Routing & URL
- Middleware
- Template & Files
- Form & Database
- Session & Cookies
- RESTful APls
- Error Handling
- Debugging

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What are the most common data science job roles? v

The most common data science job roles include data scientist, data analyst, machine learning engineer, data engineer, and business intelligence analyst. Each role has unique responsibilities, such as analyzing data, developing models, designing and maintaining databases, and providing data-driven insights to support business decisions.

What is needed for data science? v

To become a data scientist, you should acquire a strong foundation in mathematics, statistics, and programming. Gain expertise in data manipulation, analysis, and visualization. Master machine learning techniques and algorithms. Build a portfolio of projects showcasing your skills.

Is data science is a secure career? v

Yes, data science is a secure career. With the increasing demand for data-driven decision-making in almost all industries, the demand for skilled data scientists is high and expected to grow in the future.

What is the salary after completing data science course? v

Fresh graduates can expect a starting salary of INR 4 LPA - 6 LPA while candidates with 5 - 9 years of experience can expect a salary of INR 6 LPA - 8 LPA.

Who is Eligible for Data Science? v

• Freshers
• BE/ Bsc Candidate
• Any Engineers
• Any Graduate
• Any Post-Graduate
• Working Professionals

I Am Worried About Fees Installment Option If Any? v

Don't Worry! We Do Have Flexible Fees Installment Option.

How will my doubts be addressed in this program v

We have a specialized staff of Data Science counselors that can assist you with your doubts about this Data Science program.

What are the available modes of payment? v

Our payment methods include credit cards, debit cards, Razor Pay, PayU, net banking and UPI.